Sprinkler Systems: The Investment That Pays For Itself

A Smart Investment You Shouldn’t Pass Up

When considering installing an irrigation/sprinkler system in their home, some Houston homeowners are hesitant to install one due to the somewhat sizeable investment it requires. On average most sprinkler systems cost about $3,500 with a general range of $3,000 -$5,500. If this price shocks you, don’t worry it’s not uncommon, if you are just focused on the price.

Once you focus on the functionality and the benefits of a sprinkler system in regards to both your home and your wallet, you will realize like other homeowners; it’s worth every dime. In fact, many homeowners in a recent focus group remarked that, had they known the benefits of irrigation systems; they would have made the investment a lot sooner.

It’s About Much More Than Convenience

Is a sprinkler system a nice convenience to have? Sure it is, but that’s not a sound reason to make such an investment in one. When the Texas heat kicks in from around June thru August, your landscape is taking a beating when it comes to proper hydration. While a sprinkler system does make keeping moisture levels of your lawn easy and convenient, the more important fact is that it does not forget to water.

Yes, we are human and have busy lives: work, kids’ activities, fatigue from work and kids’ activities. Eventually it catches up to us and we may forget to water the lawn one evening or morning. In some cases, even when diligent about watering the lawn, we then forget to turn it off. Whether your lawn is not getting enough water or getting too much water, (yes that is possible) both scenarios can damage a healthy lawn quickly.

A sprinkler system takes that convenience of not having to hand water your lawn and adds the benefit that it has one job and one job only; to maintain your lawn’s moisture levels. That’s it, no forgetting because you worked late, no flooding because you fell asleep with the water on. These systems ensure your grass and other plants are healthy while watering it with just the right amount; no more, no less.

The Return On Investment Exceeds The Cost

Many commercial and residential property owners, rather than forgetting to water, more often end up over watering their landscape by hand. That means a lot of their home maintenance budget is going towards water that just drains off and washes down the drain. This not only increases their water bill but can cost thousands more due to erosion that occurs with over watering.  A sprinkler system is far more efficient than any other method of watering, and when designed properly, does not miss any coverage. Considering that the systems work independently either on timers or with smart sensors, you also save time, which we know, is money. The return isn’t just limited to your water bill either. Installing a sprinkler system actually increases your home’s value should you ever decide to sell. As with most home improvements, the added value often exceeds the improvement cost. When you consider all these factors, it actually becomes clear that your sprinkler system will pay for itself a lot quicker than you realize.

Proper Design Is Key

As with any home improvement project investment, the value you get out of the improvement is heavily dependent on proper design and construction. You can add on a bathroom for example, and hire a contractor that does a poor job and you are stuck with possibly spending more to get it re-done correctly. When installing a sprinkler system, it is important to hire a licensed professional that has positive reviews and references. Any irrigation system contractor worth their merit will design a system that factors in the following site conditions:

  • Type of soil
  • Plant types & placement
  • Climate
  • Grading
  • Wind & sun exposure
  • Slopes
  • Water availability
  • Lawn size
  • Budget

When all of these factors and any additional variables are properly accounted for in the design of your system, you can expect to see very favorable returns on your investment. Hiring the right designer who will design as well as construct it with care, quality materials, and expert workmanship, will ensure a lifelong investment that will last for years to come.

Make A Smart Investment In Your Home Today!

Have we calmed your concerns about the cost of a sprinkler system for your home? We are ready and able to tackle your project with careful attention to detail to deliver the results and savings you need. Contact us today for a consultation on one of the smartest investments you can make for your home.