Set Your Landscape Apart From The Rest

Having your own home or business is part of the “American Dream,” so when you reach that milestone, you are proud and want your home or business to be at its best all around, including the landscape. Whether you need a residential sprinkler system or a large commercial irrigation solution for your business, we have you covered. With our combination of experience, dedication and technical knowledge, we create the best sprinkler, drainage and irrigation systems in Houston. There is no job too small for us, and no challenge we won’t take on.

Custom Systems

Our custom design team handles many types of needs from the basic small residential sprinkler system, to sprawling, elaborate landscapes with many different climate zones and vegetation. Your yard is unique to your home and is not a cookie cutter landscape, so why would you want a cookie cutter irrigation system? We install many kinds of systems that are specifically suited to your landscape’s needs:

  • Foundation Drip Systems – Especially useful during the hot Texas summers, drip systems along the perimeter of your foundation help keep the soil just moist enough to withstand cracking but not enough to oversaturate. A healthy foundation soil bed is the key to your home’s longevity and we help maintain it with ease.
  • Flower Bed Systems – If you have one flower bed or a dozen with different watering needs for each, we can design a system that keeps your precious plants watered perfectly. Some systems even include custom controls from your smartphone.
  • Yard & Parkways – Your yard and parkway will not have any dry areas when you install one of our custom sprinkler systems. We ensure 100% coverage so that your yard is evenly hydrated to optimal levels.

Conserve For The Future

We care about the future of our environment as well as the effect that water waste can have on your wallet. Our systems can be equipped with proven water and landscape conservation features such as:

  • Matched Precipitation Rate Nozzles – MPR nozzles allow sprinklers with different coverage arcs, and radii to function all on one circuit while keeping water distribution even. This allows us to tailor your watering needs to meet the characteristics of your landscape no matter how many variables there are.
  • Smart Sprinkler Features – Our systems utilize the latest in smart technology to think independently using data from moisture and temperature sensors throughout the system. It requires no user input or actions and can sense things like rain, freezes or the level of saturation in a given radius.
  • Enhanced Drainage Systems In Houston, many homes suffer drought followed by extreme rainfall on a regular basis. This usually results in small to large flash flooding in many yards but it can be mitigated with our enhanced drainage systems. Utilizing both surface drains and a buried French drain, we can help your yard drain more efficiently and mitigate soil loss due to erosion.

The Experts You Can Trust

We have a positive rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), and with our technicians’ combined experience of well over a decade; we are confident in our ability to properly irrigate your landscape no matter how complex it is. Call us today to get the best solution for all of your landscape irrigation and drainage needs.