If you already have a sprinkler system and it’s not performing quite like it used to, or your backyard changes no longer accommodate the current layout—don’t spend money replacing the entire system. 

Sprinkler Repair Expert specializes in existing sprinkler systems that have aged significantly and need an upgrade on parts, or a system that needs to be redesigned to accommodate landscape changes. Often homeowners will have a sprinkler system installed and then years later install something like a pool or plant a tree that requires re-design of their current system. 

Whatever you situation may be Sprinkler Repair Expert has the expertise and experience to adjust, repair or retrofit your sprinkler system to better accommodate your changing needs with our services.

Retrofit Service

Retrofitting can become a necessary plan of action when your landscape has grown to maturity or you have altered your landscape significantly. Often times, this growth can cause there to be a lack of coverage with your sprinkler system as it was initially designed. Changes in landscape design such as increasing grade, and adding trees, shrubbery, flowers or other vegetation can also create a need for adjusting coverage. Our sprinkler design experts will evaluate your landscaping, your current system and create a coverage and retrofit plan that accounts for the recent changes. This process may involve adding or changing heads, flood bubblers, a pressurized drip mechanism or using micro spray technology. Regardless of what is needed you can be sure that when we are done, you will have the perfect coverage for your landscaping that will keep it lush and hydrated for years to come. 

Redesign Service

Your home is a valuable investment that gains value over the years if maintained properly. Many homeowners every spring do some spring cleaning and minor maintenance. Tasks like painting the house, power washing driveways and planting new sod are great minor projects to help maintain and increase value. However, over the course of ownership some homeowners may make major improvements to their home such as adding a pool, patio, or extending a room on their home. Improvements like this offer a big payoff but don’t come without additional considerations and costs to think about—such as conflicts with your current sprinkler system.

When new construction or projects physically impede the current system you have—you don’t need to dig it up and replace it. It just needs a redesign to re-route the mainline and other aspects of the system. Redesigning a system typically can include rewiring components, moving lines and heads or adding new zones to accommodate the changes in coverage needs. All of this is going to cost much less than building a brand new system.

System Performance Upgrades

If your system is several generations old in terms of sprinkler technology, you may see quite a significant impact in energy efficiency and water conservation. In the last decade sprinkler components have advanced in technology that conserves water and energy. Every year water increases in cost so the impact of obsolete sprinkler technology can really be felt in your utility bill. 

Every sprinkler system is unique but making improvements to the components can make a drastic difference in efficiency in everything from a 6-zone home system to a 24-zone commercial system with complex designs and patterns. Our team uses a combination of the latest technology in advanced controllers, smart weather sensors, efficient spray heads and the latest smart home compatible components to upgrade your outdated system. We bring your aging system into the future and savings into your budget with our expert performance upgrades.

Don’t Give Up On Your System

There’s no need to waste money on an entirely new sprinkler system if yours is outdated. Installing a brand new system costs much more than having our experts retrofit or redesign it. We can bring your system up to date for a fraction of the cost of a new system and without the headache. Contact us today!