Q. Won’t a sprinkler system use more water than manually watering when I feel it’s needed?

A. Not at all. Actually, our sprinkler systems will help you conserve water. We design very efficient irrigation systems that distribute just the right amount of water your landscape needs; no more, no less.  Wasting water on landscape maintenance will be a thing of the past as it will never forget to turn off, even senses when there is rain and turns off when it isn’t needed. Check your water bill after about three months of constant use and see the difference it makes!

 Q. Does a sprinkler system really save me time? Don’t I have to turn it on?

A. Yes, it does save you time and no, you don’t have to turn it on. – Our sprinkler systems are automatic and set either by timer, moisture sensors or both. You won’t have to waste your free time waiting on the watering to be done or coming home early because you fear you left it on. Your system handles it all for you even when on vacation! Many of our smart controllers even think for themselves and can anticipate weather conditions as well as outdoor temperature.

 Q. Will I have trouble with dry spots on my lawn?

A. No. The reason you have dry spots often when watering manually is you are just “eyeballing” the range and output of your sprinkler. Our sprinkler systems are designed with your lawn’s exact dimensions, vegetation needs and other characteristics factored in. Each head is purposed with an exact coverage area and function. We also have specific equipment designed to facilitate watering of diverse landscaping such as trees, shrubs or garden beds. 

Q. Living in Houston, we get a lot of rain outside of the dry season. How will a sprinkler system benefit during hurricane season when it storms often?

A. Great question! Aside from tropical storms and hurricanes, the stormy season in Houston does indeed produce a lot more rainfall than the arid months. However, it doesn’t rain every single day and nature isn’t fond of binge watering so to speak. The only way to make sure your lawn stays healthy and green, is consistent, routine hydration of proper levels; no more, no less. Binge watering from storms does not mean your yard can wait on the next rainfall; even two days without water can begin to damage plants and grass.

Q. What all does a sprinkler system consist of?

A. Your typical sprinkler system in its most basic form has a controller that functions as the brain of the entire system. Then you have the valves that control and restrict the release of water flow to the underground pipes and then the sprinklers themselves which reside mostly underground and pop up to distribute water according to the needs of your lawn. This is a basic overview but our systems can be further customized with advanced sensors, drip irrigation, and other smart features.

Q. Can I install a sprinkler system on my own?

If you are a DIY type of person and are considering installing your own sprinkler system you should first consider the aspects of this complex project before digging up your lawn. Also, you should factor in the cost of installation vs. what you realistically save by doing it yourself. Not to mention when you install on your own, there is no warranty and it can be a complex job. Some services are better left to the professionals when you need to guarantee that it is being done correctly.

Q. How much will a good sprinkler system cost?

A. This really depends on many different factors such as the size of your landscape area, type of vegetation, how many zones you have, and any special designs or needs. The average system for an average size residential lot runs about $3,500 with an overall range that goes from $3,500 to $5,500 for average size lots depending on added features. The good news is the return on your investment quickly pays for itself.

Q. How hard is it to operate and program your sprinkler systems?

A. We offer very basic systems to very advanced systems but the ease of operation is very simple even with the most complex systems. Some of our systems have smart phone apps you can use to control, and others are very basic controls in the controller panel. Either way, the learning curve for operating our systems is very short; you’ll learn it in no time.

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