If you are using your lawn sprinkler solely for hydrating your lawn you are missing out on the multi-tasking and money saving features your system is capable of. With just a few add on modular system components, we can turn your sprinkler system into a fertilizer and mosquito repellant distribution system. Using a sprinkler system as a method of fertilizer and repellant distribution is not unique, but the modules we incorporate into your current sprinkler system are vastly superior to older and less advanced options on the market. 

The FertiBug Advantage 

The Fertibug system is a module that attaches directly to your current irrigation system and uses the high pressure and coverage capabilities to treat your lawn for insects while simultaneously fertilizing your lawn with the products of your choice in the process. Given the vast reach of sprinkler systems heads and micro sprays, it is able to evenly and continually disperse your fertilizer and insecticides to your lawn in minute quantities making it safe for pets and your family.

We are Houston’s authorized distributor and installer of the Fertibug system and have experience bringing lawns back to life with this innovative system. The Fertibug method creates a bug free environment while also maintaining a lush and healthy landscape using fertile water that is effortlessly applied continually. This saves you time and money and increases your home’s value which in effect allows the Fertibug system to pay for itself in that regard.

A System For Every Budget

It’s a common misconception that inline fertilization and insecticide systems are priced out of the range of the common homeowner. We can certainly understand how one could come to that conclusion given the advanced systems and the functionality they provide. The bottom line is— we have systems to accommodate many budgets and needs. 

Whether your home is 1,500 square feet or 10,000; we have the systems to handle that coverage and still fit within any reasonable budget. Don’t hesitate to contact us to find the right distribution system for your sprinkler system.