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    Houston Sprinkler Repair Experts

    Modern sprinkler systems used for Houston area homes can range from the simple 8-10 head perimeter system, to complicated “smart home” enabled complex systems. With such a varying degree of complexity, the types of problems with sprinkler systems can vary as well. With all systems though, there is a common list of potential issues that can result in a failure, requiring a repair:

    Valve Malfunction

    Sprinkler Head Problems

    Waterline Leaks

    Rain/Freeze Sensor Malfunction

    Controller/Wiring Issues

    Clogged Spray Nozzles

    This is where we Dr Fast Fix can help!

    We offer:

    – System Evaluation
    – Repairs On The Spot
    – Experience!

    All our technicians are licensed and experienced sprinkler repair experts that you can trust!

    Call us today for a no-hassle consultation regarding your irrigation needs