No matter if you or another contractor installed your sprinkler system Dr. Fast Fix is Houston's ONLY Lawn Sprinkler Specialist that provides a year round flat-rate repair program.

Starting at only $29.95 a month the MAP plan provides "ASSURANCE" that should your sprinkler system have an issue you're not spending thousands of dollars on a repair.

Here's how it works:

1. Call Dr. Fast Fix at 832-887-6515 for a qualification appointment.

2. After qualification survey, commit to the monthly fee of $29.95 per month (est. at 6 zones)

2. Should your sprinkler have any issues we'll come out to repair for a minimum flat rate fee of $59.95 for each broken part then $25.99 after first repaired part. (this includes service call, hourly rates and parts)

3. Enjoy your protection and relax knowing you saved thousands of dollars on your repair!


One time fee starting at $171 per year (pro-rated with a start date of November 31st) which includes 4 service calls and adjustments throughout the year. Should you sign up with this plan you'll receive 1quality check and adjustment during the Spring, 2 calls during the Summer and the one final call during Fall season. As part of this program you'll also get discounted rates on any parts and services should additional services be required.

Call us today and ask how you can place your current system on one of these great affordable plans.